Origin - Jennider L Armentrout

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is my personal review of the fourth book of the lux series.
I'm in love with this series.I like them so much.
I just want to say one thing I HATE SO MUCH BLAKE.
About this one i like it as much as the others.I was surprised so many times during reading it.i adore Daemon and the way how he change about Katy.He's still protective but not the way that he was in the first and second book.Finally Dee forgive Katy about Adam's death.I was starting to get angry at her for not understanding that it's not Katy's fault.I don't know if this makes me bad person but i'm glad that Katy kill Blake because i hate him even though he is already dead :D.About the edning i was like What the hell?Why Daemon whyyyy.
If you like my review(i'm not sure that this is actually a review,maby these are my thoughts) follow me.i hope you'd like it. Bye :* ;* and see you later